Town of Sampson



Driveway Ordinance 5-2007

Alcohol Ordinance 4-2007

Domestic Animals Ordinance 3-2007

Citation Ordinance 2-2007

Penalties Ordinance 1-2007

Two Island Lake Ordinance (as amended) 1 Aug 2006

Stop Sign Ordinance 2-2003

New Road Development Ordinance 1-2003

Subdivision and Private Roadways Ordinance1-2002

Confidentiality of Information Ordinance 1-2000

ATV Ordinance 1-1999

Slow No Wake Ordinance for Henneman Lake 1-1998

Use Restrictions on Round Lake Ordinance 1-1995

Restricting Drinking, Disorderly Conduct 1-1978

Snowmobile Ordinance1-1972